« BackOne in ten of those convicted of indictable offence in Kerry courts had fingerprints taken

Only one in ten of those convicted of an indictable offence in Kerry courts in 2013 had their fingerprints taken as required by law.
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According to a report from the Garda Inspectorate, just 12 of 99 people convicted in the county’s courts had their fingerprints taken.

If a person is convicted in court of an indictable offence – which is one which requires a trial by jury – that person is required to attend a nominated garda station to have their fingerprints taken.

This is supposed to take place within seven days of conviction.

Under the Criminal Justice Act it is an offence for a person to fail to present themselves and proceedings should be initiated where they do not.

Last year in Kerry just 12 people in such cases had their fingerprints recorded while 87 people convicted of indictable offences did not.

This was above the national average of almost six percent.

In 2012, just 17 percent of those convicted in courts in Kerry provided their fingerprints.

The Garda Inspectorate report says that the taking of fingerprints in these cases links the individual to the conviction and is very important to have the record to prove convictions.