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    Anti-Austerity Alliance–People Before Profit – Brian Finucane
    Fine Gael – Jimmy Deenihan
    Fine Gael – Brendan Griffin
    Fine Gael – Grace O’Donnell
    Fianna Fail – John Brassil
    Fianna Fail – Norma Moriarty
    Green Party – Michael Fitzgerald
    Independent – Danny Healy Rae
    Independent – Henry Gaynor
    Independent – Kevin Murphy
    Independent – Mary E. Fitzgibbon
    Independent – Michael Healy Rae
    Independent – Michael O’Gorman
    Labour – Arthur Spring
    Renua – Donal Corcoran
    Sinn Fein – Martin Ferris – Has not submitted a profile

    Brian FinucaneBrian Finucane
    A husband and father of two, Kerry native Brian Finucane is all too familiar with the impact of austerity on families and communities in the region. He joined the campaign against household and water tax in 2011 and has since campaigned to defend the rights of workers and to protect some of society’s most vulnerable groups, particularly on a range of key issues for Kerry. Brian campaigned against cuts to medical cards for cancer patients, defended the right to cut turf, fought against the introduction of the USC, water and household tax. Brian founded Right2Water Kerry, has led the campaign to protect the Post Office network and supports the national Right2Housing campaign against homelessness.

    Brian believes in a fair and just society. He supports:

    • the fight against cuts to lone parents and is an active supporter of SPARK
    • the right to SNA support for pupils from the point of starting school and the retraction of the 2014 circular
    • demands for a fair financial contribution from corporations and the super-rich and the abolition of practices that enable tax avoidance, greater accountability and transparency for financial institutions and politicians.
    • the introduction of a truly democratic system that represents the views of the people and is accountable to the people
    • Brian is keen to promote and protect rural Ireland and is active on a number of issues of particular importance to North Kerry.

    If elected, Brian commits to truly representing the needs of the people of Kerry and being accountable to them. Priority matters include:

    • Improved Cancer Services: greater investment to provide the level of care and support for cancer patients and their families to be available in the Kerry region
    • Protecting the bogs: defending the right to cut turf and the prevention of privatization of bogs
    • Supporting the Post Office network: fighting against cuts and closures, preserving rural Ireland, supporting local communities and businesses and town and demanding government support for same
    • Protection of the Kerry landscape: preservation of the natural heritage and history of North Kerry, specifically the SiveWalk in Listowel, and protecting the rights and well-being of residents and reducing the risk to wildlife by opposing mass wind farms
    • Abolition of domestic water charges: continuing the campaign against water charges the privatization of the water supply
    • Right to housing: An end to the housing crisis, opposing evictions, demanding rent controls and greater rights for tenants and ending the dependency on emergency accommodation

    If elected I will continue to make a stand against privatization, defend the most vulnerable in society by fighting against cuts and demanding proper investment in essential services, and be a genuine representative of the people, accountable to the people.


    Brian says “the people of this county and country have to come first and should be managed by politicians; they must now be represented democratically with full accountability at the forefront”.

    Brian is also involved in the Listowel Bypass Community Group on the serious issue of the bypass proposal for Listowel town.


    Jimmy Deenihan

    Address:18A The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry
    Date of birth:  11/9/1952
    Occupation:  Public Representative
    Phone: 068-57446  087-8113661
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @jimmydeenihantd
    Party/Non Party: Fine Gael
    Director of Elections and their contact details: Donie Dillane, 087-2568270

    Political career/involvement to date

    • Elected to Dáil Éireann in 1987, ’89, ’92, ’97, 2002, 2007 & 2011
    • Elected to Kerry County Council in 1985, ’91, ‘98
    • Minister for Diaspora Affairs, 2014-2016
    • Minister for Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, 2011-2014
    • Minister of State at D/Agriculture & Food 1994-‘97

    Membership of clubs or organizations

    • Finuge GAA Club
    • Listowel Rugby Club
    • Kerry Crusaders
    • Ballybunion Golf Club

    My election priorities:

    • Job creation in Kerry
    • Improve health services at Kerry General Hospital
    • More investment in our local and Regional Roads

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me:
    Based on my work record over the past 33 years

    If elected I will:
    Continue to represent the people of Kerry to the best of my ability.

    Brendan GriffinBrendan Griffin

    Address: Keel, Castlemaine, Co. Kerry
    Date of birth: 9/3/’82
    Occupation: Full-time Public Representative
    Phone: 066 97 95666  085 8892939
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @BGriffinTD
    Party: Fine Gael

    Director of Elections and their contact details
    Donie Dillane, TopPart Rock St. Tralee – 087 256 8270

    Political career/involvement to date:

    • Elected from Kerry South in 2011 – 8,808 first preferences (topped poll)
    • Elected to KCC in Dingle Electoral Area in 2009 – 2,038 first preferences
    • Unsuccessfully contested Fine Gael 2007 General Election Selection Convention in 2006
    • Unsuccessfully contested 2004 local election in the Dingle Electoral Area
    • Served as Parliamentary Assistant to Jimmy Deenihan TD (2004-2007)
    • Former National Organiser of Young Fine Gael (2001 -2003)

    Membership of clubs or organizations:
    Keel GAA, Keel Community Council, Works with numerous clubs and organisations throughout Kerry

    My election priorities:

    • More Jobs in Kerry
    • Better infrastructure serving Kerry
    • Top class education for all
    • To protect and enhance Kerry health services
    • Develop all-year-round tourism in Kerry
    • Ensure the national recovery continues.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me:

    • Contributed at all times to the effort for national recovery
    • A proven record of delivery at national and local level
    • Hard working and dedicated to the job
    • Available at all times throughout Kerry and conveniently located in the centre of the county

    If elected I will:
    Keep working as hard as I have worked in my first 5 year term to help ensure that every household in Kerry feels the benefit of the economic recovery and that Kerry and Ireland will have a bright and stable future.
    I would hope my first preference vote to be in the region of enough needed to get elected.

    Additional information/comment:

    I have worked for half salary since 2011 in solidarity with the people of Ireland during the economic crisis, waiving over €200,000 in salary in that time. Since 2012, I have donated the waived portion to employ a teacher at a Kerry primary school and plan to continue this arrangement if re-elected.

    REPRO FREE - 7/11/15 Studio -- Fine Gael - Grace O'Donnell Election Candidate 2016 .      Address: Oakpark, Tralee, Co. Kerry.    Phone: 066-7126051    Mobile: 087-2399940  Photo By : Domnick Walsh / Eye Focus LTD ©  Tralee Co Kerry Ireland  Phone  Mobile 087 / 2672033 L/Line 066 71 22 981  E/mail -        www.dwalshphoto.comGrace O’Donnell

    Address: Riverside, Oakpark, Tralee

    Date of birth: 14/04/1973

    Occupation: Pharmacist running family business

    Phone (landline): 0872399940

    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter account: @graceodonnell2
    Party/Non Party: Fine Gael

    Director of Elections and their contact details: Joe Murphy 087 2462894, Constituency Director of Elections Donie Dillane 087 2568270

    Political career/involvement to date

    • Ran for Tralee Town Council 2009 and got elected
    • Mayor of Tralee 2011
    • Ran in locals in 2014 but not successful
    • Membership of Clubs & Organisations
    • Co-Founder of Kare 4 Kidz
    • Director on board of Kerry Life Skills
    • Kerry Business Women’s Network
    • Tralee Rugby Club
    • Recovery Haven Cancer Support House
    • Tralee Rotary Club where I also hold position Interact Chair
    • Kerry Camino promotes Kerry Walk
    • Director on board of The Kerry Film Festival

    My Election Priorities:

    • More support for working parents
    • Ease the burden on the squeezed middle of our society which has borne the brunt of austerity
    • Make sure senior citizens are treated with the respect that they have earned and that they can have the support which is needed to live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes if they so wish
    • It is important that those who live in rural Ireland should not have to worry about uninvited, unidentified and unwelcome people calling to their homes and refusing to leave when asked. The laws should be changed to support this and then enforced
    • Continued to promote Kerry as a destination for tourism though my involvement in the Kerry Camino. Having started in my teens in tourism, I still continue to work for the good of the Country.
    • I want to be a voice for those with Mental Health Issues, those that sometimes do not have the strength to fight for themselves, those that are often neglected and tend to be the first affected by cuts.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me:

    Honesty, integrity, leadership, sincerity and compassion. These are the qualities that i will bring when fighting for our community in Kerry. If you trust me with your vote I will work tirelessly on your behalf to make this happen

    If elected, I will:

    I will continue to work hard to make sure that children, families and taxpayers in Kerry will benefit from the recovery.

    John Brassil x023 John Brassil
    Address: Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry
    Date of birth: 19/03/1962
    Occupation: Pharmacist running family business
    Phone: 066-7133112 – 087-2362330
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: facebook
    Party/Non Party: Fianna Fáil
    Director of Elections and their contact details John Hannan [email protected] 086-8940802 

    Political career/involvement to date

    • Elected member of Kerry County Council since 1999
    • Re-elected at following three elections.
    • Topped the poll for Listowel area in 2014, elected on first count.
    • Mayor of Kerry 2014-2015
    • Member of Shannon Development 2003-2013
    • Chairman of Shannon Development 2007-2013
    • Member of Association of City and County Councils 1999-2009
    • Member of Kerry Education and Training Board, 1999-2004 and 2009-present
    • Chairman Kerry Education and Training Board 2009-2011
    • Chairman of Listowel Area Committee 2003 and 2007
    • Community activist at all levels since 1999
    • First time candidate for General Election

    Membership of clubs or organizations

    • Causeway Comprehensive Board of Management
    • Kerry Education and Training Board
    • Ballyheigue GAA Club
    • Tralee Rugby Club
    • Ballyheigue Race Committee
    • Ballyheigue Tidy Towns Committee
    • Ballyheigue Summer Festival Committee

    My election priorities

    “Protecting and enhancing rural Ireland so that our rural communities are vibrant and viable places to live”

    • Job creation and proper investment in business and enterprise supports 
    • Reducing the numbers on the live register by attracting new investment and encouraging enterprise both indigenous and foreign to locate in Ireland. This requires proper supports to enterprise and business start ups, reforming business rates, addressing the issue of accessibility to credit for businesses and ensuring the IDA works to bring investment to rural counties. I will advocate for the self employed to receive the same PRSI benefits and tax treatment as PAYE workers.

    • Ensuring a high quality broadband service across all of Kerry
    • A high quality broadband service throughout the country and most especially in rural counties is essential for business development and expansion,  rural counties should have the same opportunities as urban areas to create new jobs and attract investment.

    • Developing and marketing our tourism industry 
    • Tourism contributes massively to the Kerry economy and provides vital employment for the county, I will advocate for proper investment and promotion of our tourism industry including overseas marketing, better accessibility to the county for visitors, investment in recreational infrastructure and enhanced provision of training and skills development programmes for the tourism industry.

    • Keeping rural services open
    • Post Offices, Schools, Garda Stations are all vital and integral parts of ensuring that rural communities remain vibrant, safe and attractive for people to live in. Functional, viable rural communities require rural services to remain open and I will work hard to ensure that we keep services in our small towns and villages.

    • Protecting and enhancing farm incomes 
    • I will lobby to protect and enhance the income of our farmers, supporting agriculture, which is at the heart of the rural economy, is paramount to ensuring that our rural communities are viable. Farmers should receive a fair price for their products, face less red tape and be provided with proper supports to diversify.

    • A fair health service with well resourced front line services 
    • A fair health service for all, making certain that our hospitals are properly resourced and that Community Supports and front line services most especially the ambulance service are the best they can be, and that in rural areas there is an accessible, quality GP service available to everyone. This also includes fair and decent supports for Carer’s and those they care for.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me
    I have done my very best to serve the constituents of my area for over 16 years, by being honest and fair. I never make a promise that I can’t keep because I don’t believe in making empty promises. I came into politics because I wanted to make a positive difference in the place that I live; at a local level initially, now I feel I have the experience and skills to do that at a national level.

    I come with determination to do the best by our County, I am a first time candidate but I have sixteen years experience working for and representing the public as a Kerry County Councillor since 1999. I will stand for what Kerry needs to maintain its communities. I have qualifications in both Civil Engineering and Pharmacy and have worked in both sectors for many years gaining insight and knowledge on relating issues, along with my extensive experience in Kerry County Council I believe that I have the skill set, understanding and determination to develop and drive policies and programmes that better serve Kerry.

    If elected I will:

    Fight for our rural communities, so that rural communities remain vibrant and attractive places to live.

    If we want to attract our young people back to live and maintain our rural populations   we have to have jobs that meet the expectations of our young people’s ambitions and that can provide a fair and decent wage.

    We can do this be implementing policies that are fairer to families and offer a level playing field for all, measures like increasing tax credits for married couples and reducing the Universal Social Charge for low and middle income earners, and providing better supports to parents who avail of childcare. Reintroduction of post graduate grants and a freeze of current fees for third level would significantly benefit thousands of families who are doing their best to provide the best opportunities possible for their children.

    I am determined to work to ensure that Kerry gets its fair share of jobs and enterprise. This can only happen if the correct infrastructure is in place to facilitate enterprise both indigenous and foreign to locate here. A high quality broadband network is essential for this, as well as a fairer tax system for the self employed and more investment in the tourism and the agri-business sectors. I want to see the Advanced Manufacturing Facility at Kerry Technology Park over the line and providing new jobs for the County, the reinstatement of the Local Improvement Scheme for funding towards refurbishment of private roads.

    I will work to restore the CLÁR rural development programme and increase LEADER funding which provides supports to rural business as well as for farm diversification and I want to ensure that the rural services like Post offices and Garda stations, imperative to the social fabric of our rural communities are safeguarded through coherent and cohesive policies.

    I would hope my first preference vote to be in the region of

    Judging by the quote I believe I would need a minimum of 9000 first preference votes to have a realistic chance of being elected.

    Fianna Fail Picture Conor McCabe Photography Norma Moriarty

    Address: Lower Waterville, Waterville, Co. Kerry.

    Date of birth: 13.04.1972

    Occupation: Post Primary Teacher

    Phone: 066-947 – 086 – 8581841

    Email: [email protected]


    Twitter: @normamoriarty

    Party/Non Party: Fianna Fáil.

    Director of Elections and their contact details:

    Overall Director for Kerry: Niall Kelliher (086)4019701

    Norma’s Election Director: Liam Crowley (066) 9761299

    Political career/involvement to date:

    • Member of Kerry County Council
    • Chairperson of LCDC
    • Member of the KETB
    • Traveller Liaison Officer

    Membership of clubs or organizations:

    Fianna Fáil

    • Charlie Comedy Film Fest
    • Waterville Rowing Club
    • Waterville GAA Club
    • IRD Waterville Ltd (previous)

    My election priorities

    To arrest decline in rural Ireland and make it a priority for the next government
    Stemming from that: Access to decent services in health/education and provision of fibrotic broadband, this is an essential for all of the above.

    We need to face the stark reality of GP cover in the country and become serious about tackling the age profile of GP’s/that the provision of home help is secure and not privatized/and that home carers get the recognition they deserve.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me?

    I am not a career politician; I want to focus on the needs of our communities ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all our citizens.

    I will work collaboratively with all other elected members, all agencies and all government officials, this is not about “I”, it is about us.

    If elected I will:

    Dedicate every minute of my working day to ensuring that the communities of Kerry have a strong representative who will advocate fairly, honestly and vociferously on their behalf.

    I would hope my first preference vote to be in the region of:

    Whatever is enough to ensure I will have the privilege of representing and serving the people of Kerry.

    Any additional information/comment:

    I look forward to meeting as many of you the people of Kerry as possible, however the likelihood is that there will be lot of you that I won’t have the pleasure of meeting therefore I urge you to please read our literature, follow us on social media and listen to our radio debates to get a sense of what our campaign and ourselves are all about.

    Michael FitzgeraldMichael Fitzgerald

    Address: Strand Street, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry.
    Contact Details: 087 4626577
    Email: [email protected]
    Party: Green Party
    Age: 55
    Director of Elections: Stephen Pierce

    Political career/involvement to date: Member of Donagh O’Malley Fianna Fail Cumann when in college in UCC.

    Occupation: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.  Part owner of a language school.

    Membership of Clubs/organisations: Walking Groups.

    My Election Priorities: To seek consensus on the issues facing us now.

    Why should people of Kerry vote for me: I think it is reasonable that a constituency such as Kerry with its agricultural and tourism industries should have at least one member of the Dail whose main priority is the environment.

    If elected I will: Seek, with other TDs elected for the county, meet community groups and try to raise their issues and concerns with government departments, European bodies and other organizations.

    I would hope my first preference would be in the region of : Meeting the needs of those who made specific requests to me during the campaign.  These people confided in me and trusted me with the knowledge of their personal situations; their confidence in me would require my immediate attention.

    Danny Healy Rae

    Danny Healy Rae 1Address: Main Street, Kilgarvan

    Date of Birth: 30/04/1954

    Phones: 064 6685315/ 087 2316055

    Email: [email protected]

    Director of Elections: Johnny Healy-Rae 087 2354793 email: [email protected]

    Political career/involvement to date:

    • Member of Kerry County Council since 2003,
    • Involved in elections since 1974
    • Member of HSE South
    • Transport SPC Kerry County Council

    Membership of clubs or organisations: Member of IFA, GAA, IRD Duhallow

    My election priorities: To work as hard as ever I can for the people individually and on a community basis.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me: The people of Kerry know the commitment I have given as a public representative over the last 13 years and the commonsense approach I apply.

    If elected I will: Work tirelessly for the people.

    I would hope my first preference vote to be in the region of: Enough to get elected, as much as possible.

    Any additional information/comment: My phone number is always turned on, if I miss a call, I will ring back and I will continue to make myself fully available in all of the areas I represent.

    ElectionHenry Gaynor

    Address: Spa, Tralee.
    Date of birth: 11-04-1963
    Occupation: Services Operator at Kerry Ingredients, Listowel
    Phone: 066 7136594  0857543620
    Email: [email protected]
    Party/Non Party: Non Party
    Director of Elections and their contact details: I’m acting as my own Director of Elections.

    Political career/involvement to date:
    Never before involved in politics. Have engaged in campaigning against austerity with Tralee Says No, Right2Water and Pension65.
    Pension65 is a campaign group set up by a few workmates of mine to campaign against the raising of the State Pension age to 66 and beyond. I manage a Facebook page named Pension65. I have details on it about a petition I took to the Public Services Oversight and Petitions Committee in January 2015.

    Membership of clubs or organizations:

    I am a member of Garden Organics a UK based charitable organisation that carries out research into organic gardening practices.

    My election priorities:

    To organise ‘ordinary’ taxpayers into a single political force that would give priority to the views of taxpayers. At present, ‘ordinary’ taxpayers are seen as an ATM that must fund the interests of minority groups.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me:

    I would like the people of Kerry to be the first constituency in Ireland to bite the bullet and actually vote for change in overwhelming numbers. You won’t get change unless you change the way you vote.

    If elected I will:

    Try to emulate our national heroes and fight for change. Heroes should be emulated, not just commemorated or celebrated.

    I would hope my first preference vote to be in the region of:

    2 plus. I’ll obviously vote for myself so if I get 2 plus votes I know I am not alone in
    seeking meaningful change.

    Kevin MurphyKevin Murphy

    Address: Killarney, Co. Kerry
    Date of birth: 23/09/81
    Occupation: Retail
    Website: facebook
    Twitter account: @KMurphyindep
    Party/Non Party: Non party/ Independent, signed up to the Right2Change Policy principles
    Director of Elections and their contact details: same as above

    Political career/involvement to date:

    • Community activist
    • P.R.O in Right2Water Kerry community
    • Right2Water Killarney

    My election priorities:

    • Abolition of water charges, Irish Water and a referendum to enshrine ownership of the supply to the people of Ireland
    • Increased spending on services, including much needed investment in Tralee General Hospital
    • Investing money in people and our society, making the recovery fair and a society for all
    • Protecting rural Ireland and our Natural resources
    • Stop the TTIP trade agreement

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me:
    After a lost decade of mismanagement by established parties, it’s time for change. The Neoliberal/ trickle-down economic philosophy has failed. A telling example is the homeless crisis, as is the crisis in our public health service. We have not seen a real, on-the-ground recovery and will not under a continuation of the current regime. In fact, their polices are regressive. We must increase public spending, and we must put money into the pocket’s of people on middle and lower incomes to drive real recovery in this economy.

    If elected I will:

    • Do my very best for the people of Kerry
    • Fight to abolish the water charges and Irish water, holding a referendum on ownership and paying for repairs/upgrades through progressive taxation.
    • Fight to increase the money in people’s pockets so we see real growth in our economy.
    • Follow the Right2Change policy principles. I believe they are the future for our people, not just in Kerry but across the country.
    • Long term, to create green energy solutions to ease the costs to businesses and households and in time to export.
    • Bring new industries to Kerry, including supporting indigenous industry to create good jobs.

    Any additional information/comment:
    I hope to run a vigorous campaign, knocking on doors, meeting as many people as I can. I believe people want to see change and that there is an onus on people like me to run. While my campaign funds do not match those of the political party members nor established independents, I am not afraid of hard work and intend be out everyday.

    Mary E FitzgibbonMary E. Fitzgibbon

    Address: ‘Two Hearts Cottage’, Cloontarriv, Ballymacelligott, Tralee

    Age: 46

    Phone: 0876970856

    Email: [email protected]

    Party: Independent

    Director of Elections: To be decided

    Political career/involvement to date: GE 2011 candidate

    Occupation: Lecturer in Nursing and Health Care Sciences

    Membership of Clubs/organisations:

    • Spokesperson for Ireland Stand Up
    • La Leche League Leader – Breastfeeding Support and Information
    • Organiser of Annual Parenting Our Children – Art and Science Conferences
    • Fertility Care Practitioner
    • Member of Teacher’s Union of Ireland
    • Nursing Department Representative at the Institute of Technology, Tralee

    My Election Priorities:

    • Standing Up for Integrity in Political Life and Life Equality
    • Supporting the Family
    • Abolishing Unjust Taxes
    • Resourcing Vital Public Services
    • Putting the Heart Back into Kerry’s Rural Parishes
    • Enabling People to Live Happy and Fulfilled Lives

    Why should people of Kerry vote for me:
    I will put the people of Kerry and not a political party first. As a wife and mother I understand the challenges we face presently and the concerns we have for our children’s futures.
    If elected I will: Advocate for the people of Kerry at every opportunity.

    I would hope my first preference would be in the region of: I hope to top the poll as Kerry’s first Independent female (non-gender quota) candidate.

    michael healy rae TD kerry southMichael Healy-Rae

    Address: Kilgarvin, Co. Kerry
    Occupation: Politician and self employed
    Phone (landline): 064 66 85782 / or 064 66 85982 – 087 2461678
    Email: [email protected]
    Party/Non Party: Non Party
    Director of Elections and their contact details: Cllr Danny Healy-Rae 087 2316055

    Political career/involvement to date:

    • Elected to KCC in 1999, 2004 and 2009
    • Elected to Dáil Eireann in 2011
    • Mayor of Kerry 2004 & 2007
    • Member of old SHB, Member of HSE

    My election priorities: Jobs, improve infratstructure, Broadband, Tourism, farming issues, fishing, rural crime

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me: Independent, proven track record, good team working with Danny and Johnny Healy Rae

    If elected I will: continue to work hard for the people of all Kerry.

    I would hope my first preference vote to be in the region of: enough to get elected, please God

    Michael O'GormanMichael O’ Gorman

    Address: Bedford Cottage, Bedford, Listowel, Co Kerry
    Age: 41
    Occupation: Politician
    Phone: 087-7497346
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: Michael O Gorman, Independent
    Party: True Independent
    Director of Elections: Helen O’Keeffe

    Political career/involvement to date:
    I have been more out spoken than any other TD from Kerry on the bank bailout, the Anglo debt, the sale of Coillte Forest, and the setup of Irish Water for the privatization of our water supply

    • Co-founder of Tralee Says No to the bank bailout
    • Co-founder of Kerry Save our Woods
    • Co-founder of Right2Water Kerry
    • Now bringing awareness about TTIP
    • Involved in Community Services
    • Member of Kerry Public Participation Network
    • Member of KCC Operations Strategic Policy Committee
    • Parent Board Member in Coolard National School
    • Volunteered in local Youth Group
    • Ballybunion Community Forum Group in Tourism and Marketing

    Membership of Clubs/Organisations:

    • Co-founder of Tralee Says No to the bank bailout
    • Co-founder of Kerry Save our Woods
    • Co-founder of Right2Water Kerry
    • Now bringing awareness about TTIP
    • Involved in Community Services
    • Member of Kerry Public Participation Network
    • Member of KCC Operations Strategic Policy Committee
    • Parent Board Member in Coolard National School
    • Volunteered in local Youth Group
    • Ballybunion Community Forum Group in Tourism and Marketing

    My Election Priorities:
    Housing. Health. Mental Health. Protection of local Post Offices and Credit Unions the heart beat of our communities. Protection of Local Amenities. Education. The basic needs for any society, to make sure that small SMEs can keep their doors open.

    Why should people of Kerry vote for me:
    I will be a voice for the people a voice for the communities who have suffered hugely under the failed austerity programme. I have been more out spoken than any other TD from Kerry on the bank bailout, the Anglo debt, the sale of Coillte Forest, and the setup of Irish Water for the privatization of our water supply. I have spoken out about the health system at Kerry General Hospital and the HSE as far back as 24 months ago and the exorbitant car parking fees.

    If elected I will:
    If elected I will work as hard as I can for the people of Kerry. . To be a voice for the people and the communities. End Irish Water and help create a more equal society. Also stop the sale of the Anglo Bonds

    I would hope my first preference would be in the region of:
    Whatever the people of Kerry decide

    arthur springArthur J. Spring

    Address: Labour Party Office, Rock Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry

    Occupation: TD

    Phone: (066) 7125337

    Email: [email protected]


    Twitter account: @SpringAJ

    Party/Non Party: The Labour Party

    Director of Elections: Graham Spring

    Political career/involvement to date

    • Elected to Dáil Eireann, Feb 2011
    • Elected to both Tralee Town Council and Kerry County Council (June 2009)
    • Elected Vice Chairperson of Kerry County Council (June 2009)
    • Chair of Kerry County Development Board (July 09-July ’10)
    • Elected Mayor of Tralee (June 2010)

    Arthur Spring, secured a Dáil seat on his first attempt. Previously he has served as the Mayor of Tralee Co. Kerry. First elected in the Local Elections of June 2009, Arthur topped the poll for both Tralee Town Council and Kerry County Council. Since the local election, Arthur has concentrated his efforts on job creation and supporting local employment initiatives in areas such as tourism, agribusiness and energy.
    Arthur comes from a family with a strong and proud Labour tradition. His grandfather Dan Spring represented the constituency of Kerry North in Dáil Éireann, from 1943 to 1981. His uncle Dick is a former Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs who was Leader of the Labour Party from 1982 to 1997. Thanks to a close family involvement in the party Arthur has been involved in political life and elections at a local and national level, from a very young age; he has also worked as Parliamentary Assistant with his uncle Dick. He is a member of the Oak Park Branch of the Labour Party in Tralee.
    Arthur was educated at the CBS Tralee, Cistercian College Roscrea, Dublin Institute of Technology and Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden, qualifying with a B.Sc. in Management.
    After obtaining his qualifications, Arthur embarked on a career in finance, working for companies including Anglo Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland. In recent years Arthur has setup his own business, he owns and operates his Juice Bar business in his native Tralee which employs 6 people.

    My election priorities:

    • Education: 9 new schools which I have helped deliver are planned for Kerry under the education building plan for 2016 to 2021, I want to ensure that these new schools are delivered with planning permission and funding secured and pre-fab classrooms are made a thing of the past. In addition further enhancing Tralee IT to university status is a priority.
    • Health: Over €13 million has been invested in Kerry General Hospital since 2011 but more resources are needed to ensure the hospital is up to standard. I want also ensure the hospital is fully staffed and resourced. It is also vital that we protect the rural GP practices as free GP care is rolled out across the county.
    • Jobs: The number of people signing on the Live Register in Kerry is falling but more needs to be done. I want to see the recovery focus on Kerry not just the big cities of Dublin and Cork. We need more foreign direct investment coming into Kerry and we need to further boost the tourism, agri-business and other local enterprises to ensure provide good quality sustainable jobs are provided in Kerry.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me
    Since I was first elected a TD I have worked hard for you, your family and our community while always putting the people of Kerry first over the last 5 years. I first entered national politics in 2011 in the middle of a period of enormous economic chaos and collapse. The economy is now recovering and additional investment in public services,tax cuts and increased social welfare payments are now possible. I want the opportunity to continue to work for the people of Kerry as your local TD to ensure that stable and realistic policies implemented by this government, which were the basis of the turn-around in the economy, are adhered to into the future and that we are not diverted off the pathway to recovery. As a member of government, I campaigned on a wide range of economic, social and educational issues with the intention to make Kerry a better place to work and live. I need your number 1 vote to continue to serve the people of Kerry with honesty and commitment.

    If elected I will have the opportunity to work towards improving the standard of living for the people of Kerry by ensuring investment in health, education, childcare and create job opportunities.

    I would hope my first preference vote to be in the region of
    A quota!

    Donal Corcoran Head and ShouldersDonal Corcoran
    Address: 42 Highfield Grove, Caherslee, Tralee
    Date of birth: 13-08-1967
    Occupation: Stonemasonry Instructor
    Phone: 066-7186545 – 0872658836
    Twitter account:
    Party/Non Party: RENUA Ireland
    Director of Elections and their contact details; Brian Purcell 087 9678921; email: [email protected]

    Political career/involvement to date:
    Donal is a first time candidate and has not run in any previous elections, locally or nationally.

    Membership of clubs or organizations:

    • Treasurer of Kerry Sustainable Energy Cooperative Society
    • Volunteer for Tralee Chamber Alliance Tourist Kiosk
    • Tralee Tidy Towns
    • Member of Austin Stacks Hurling and Football GAA Club.

    My election priorities:
    My election priorities are the creation of jobs in Kerry, the further development of Tourism in Kerry, the reduction of Crime and the re-energizing of Rural Communities in Kerry.

    Why should the people of Kerry vote for me
    People should vote for me because I will represent their interests in a transparent, accountable and beneficial manner. I will work tirelessly to bring employment to the County, to help people with childcare costs, to increase the resources available to the gardai, nurses and to improve the everyday life of the people of Kerry and make Kerry an even greater place to live in than it already is.

    If elected I will:

    • End the tax discrimination between the self-employed and PAYE workers
    • Introduce a flat income tax rate of 23%
    • Introduce tax credits for childcare
    • Replace cronyism and short term election promises with well planned, transparent and accountable policies that would work for the benefit of all in society

    Martin Ferris Sinn Fein – Has not submitted a candidate profile